Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roach before Queen Zerg Build Order: Adaption

I both love and hate the late-Queen, early-Roach Zerg build order.  On the one hand, you can expand versus Terran or Protoss without worrying about an early couple of units taking you apart - slow Zerglings are easily killed by Zealots or Marines, but Roaches aren't.

However, the key to this build isn't executing the build, it's using your firepower properly.  In short, you sacrifice early counterattack capability (Sspeedlings) for a secure early expansion (Roaches).  You also get the option of a Roach all-in if unscouted.  But, if you are scouted just after your Warren goes down, you'd better switch back to your usual unit mix (i.e. Roach/Speedling vs. Protoss or Speedling/Baneling vs. Terran), or else you are going to lose.  While Roaches work very well against small numbers of Marines, they fair poorly against larger numbers of Marines with upgrades.  Speedlings are required vs. Protoss Stalkers, too, or your Roaches just get kited to death.

For those Zerg players who hate-hate-hate bunker pushes against an early expand, this build is for you.  However, I would recommend transitioning out of it before Terran opponents build Marauders, or else going all-in and trying a 8-11 Roach push.  Don't wait for your last Roaches to come out, though, or he might have Siege tanks.  Bring your first 5-6 Roaches and attack, rallying the others to his base.

Tip:  Have an Overlord to give vision of the high ground, so you can snipe buildings from below.

Tip:  Get Speed (Metabolic Boost) AFTER you've committed (or not) to a Roach push.  If you get speed first, you won't have enough Roaches for a push, but you need Speed later.

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