Monday, September 12, 2011

Starcraft 2: Adding Harassment to a Build

One of your goals in every Starcraft 2 match should be to keep your opponent on the defensive, even when, and ESPECIALLY when you don't have many units on the field.  Unless you are going for an all-in push, you will be vulnerable to timing attacks while you get your economy going.

What you want to do is harass, so plan for it!  Here are some examples:

  • Mech?  Hellion drop or driveby.
  • Bio?  Early 2-rax pressure, or marine drops
  • Heavy air?  Banshee harass.
  • Lategame?  Nukes or Ghost drop with snipes.

  • Twilight Council tech path?  Dark Templar.
  • Robo first?  Try some warp prism drops or warp-ins.

  • Muta harass (typical)
  • Baneling drops on mineral lines (my new favourite)
  • Zergling run-bys or counterattacks whenever he moves out
  • Infestor drops
  • Burrowed Roaches or Infestors

The most common mistake to make when figuring out how to add harassment to a build is thinking that you have to add a lot to your build.  Try adding as little as possible.  If going heavy Roach, add Tunneling Claws and no more.  If you're going Mech, don't try to marine-drop - just use Hellions as obnoxiously as possible.  If you're doing a 3-gate robo, don't feel that you have to add DTs - just drop or warp some Zealots.

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