Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starcraft 2: Roaches do not stop Bunker Rushes

I was trying this new(er) Zerg build order:
  • 15 pool
  • 14 gas
  • 16 hatch
  • 18 Roach Warren
  • 18 Overlord
  • 18 Overlord
  • 8-10 Roaches
  • Queen
... but it's still weak to a bunker rush IF YOU LET THE BUNKER FINISH.  The Roaches do NOT counter a completed bunker (unless you can hit it from the high ground, maybe), and DEFINITELY does not counter the ramp double-block.  I suggest going Banelings if you get contained, and break out ASAP and counterattack - you'll be too far behind otherwise, especially if your expansion hatchery is destroyed.

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